Latest trends to keep fit in Barcelona


Running is the activity most people in Barcelona choose to keep fit and do sport, although there are some other activities to do so, such as aerofitness, acrobatic yoga, those related to stamina and personalized training.

CrossFit, the highest physical demand

Many celebrities have taken up the new trendy activity called CrossFit or military training; that is why this activity coming from the USA is currently practised in more than 10,000 sports centres throughout the whole world. It is said that being fit is not enough for this, but a radical change of life is necessary since it is based on a variety of hard exercises. In Barcelona, there are gyms and centres where to practise this activity, such as Reebok Crossfit and Crossfit Gala. CrossFit areas are also available in Barcelona and Madrid, which are usually huge industrial plots where personal trainers guide the activity.


Aerofitness, aerial movement

This activity seems easy, but it is not. In fact, it offers many benefits. Aerial fitness can also take the form of aerial yoga and pilates. Its advantage consists of offering dynamic exercises to the body, which is suspended in the air thanks to the use of harnesses and swings. Women are specially attracted by this activity and many celebrities have chosen it to become fit. It is possible to move all the body, apart from doing acrobatic exercises.


TRX or suspension

As well as the former activities, this one also involves suspension and gathers some of the strong exercises of crossfit. For doing this, we just need to use a harness and two handles while the body is suspended in the air. It is useful to improve strength, muscles, abdomen and back.


Running extravagances

Running keeps evolving and diversifying. Running some kilometres per day is no longer enough. Now people look for something different that encourages them. Some of them prefer group running throughout the city or a competition among them, while some others prefer aqua jogging, that is, running inside the water, an activity that is typical in European countries. It is also common to run foot naked, an activity practised by the most adventurous ones. Another activity that has become popular is running and relaxing, combining the traditional sport with tai chi, which adds breathing techniques.


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