Decorating ephemeral spaces in black and white

decoracion blanco y negro

At the time of decorating your apartment or house, it may be important to adapt one of the rooms according to our guests’ preferences. The combination of black and white, together with some other colours, adds strength and unique sensations to any type of spaces.

Details like a white bookshelf or a dared black piece of furniture make a difference in elegant houses, especially when they are combined with a range of tones, depending on the room. The living room is generally the most spacious room of the house; that is why it may feature a variety of colours. For example, black shelves, tables and chairs, combined with white sofas and carpets. Moreover, edges and stripes with both colours are also used at the time of breaking the wheel of monotony. A detail that looks amazing and adds space to the room is a black lamp with the shape of an arch.

decoracion blanco y negro 2

Another the trick to decorate using these basic colours is, for instance, if the room does not enjoy much light, paint the walls in white, ochre or yellow. the same works for cases in which the room is tiny. Black works better for those living rooms with huge and spectacular windows or leading into a terrace and enjoying plenty of natural light.

Modern style and contrasts. Kitchens can also take those colours, of course, if they are properly combined and not used in dark rooms or spaces without windows. In this case, it is also possible to use metallic grey in worktops, hoods and fridges, whereas red is perfect to be combined with the two basic colours we want to enhance.

decoracion blanco y negro cocina

For some other types of kitchens, it may be good to introduce a rustic style. It can be obtained by means of the introduction of vintage furniture in white. This style is traditional, as kitchens used to be in the past, but in this case, they add a personal touch thanks to the details in black. Small lamps offer a good illumination and a detail that adds personality is a marble table with black legs.

decoracion blanco y negro cocina 2

The bathroom can be fully transformed by means of traditional colours. If it is tiny, we recommend to use white with just a detail in black, for instance, a wardrobe. Some walls can be painted in this dark tone, but without being misused. Bath tubs in white with black base, together with lamps in black or marble in order to create a vintage style, are quite trendy again.

decoracion blanco y negro baño

Those who love these colours would like to be surrounded by them. The combination of black lamps with white sheets and walls is something to take into account. Carpets and fitted carpets also go for these colours, whereas walls are mostly painted in white, especially whenever the rooms do not enjoy enough light.

decoracion blanco y negro room


However, it is not simple to get a house with those features. That is why, you can be your own interior designer and combine new furniture with vintage ones, as well as use green, red or purple to make them stand out.

decoracion blanco y negro room

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