Sophia the future of humanity

Sophia Robot OiRealTor

The company Hanson Robotics has developed the robot Sophia and took advantage of SXSW Interactive in Austin (United States) to unveil his creation. The robot Sophia has caught the eye of all participants, because the purpose of this machine is to mimic human expressions.

Sophia distinguishes itself from other robots, because Hanson Robotics has worked on emotions and we can say that the result is successful. Fans of the TV show “HUMAN” should do a quick parallel, when they will watch the video of Sophia.

Sophia is able to have a conversation with a person through a voice synthesizer and can express emotions during the discussion, according to what she says or hears. Some expressions are almost imperceptible making it very realistic. David Hanson claims that in less than 20 years, it will be impossible to distinguish the difference between a human and a robot.

El cerebro digital de Sophia el robot

The robot can achieve sixty human expressions. This prowess is made possible by the design of the structure of the robot’s head, with human skeleton and a special rubber skin. The robot also has a face recognition system to remain perpetually connected with his interlocutor.

La estructura de la cabeza de Sophia

The technical and technological advances promise us a future like in Sci-Fi movies. Hope that robots and humans live in harmony!

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