How to become a billionaire in two years?

Making a billion dollars in over two years is undoubtly a huge accomplishement for any entrepreneur chasing the dream in the business world. Truth is, in today’s vibrant and dynamic capitalist world it is extremely hard to create a unique product that the customers want and need. Moreover, it is even harder to suit the needs in any niche market, as nowadays you can find absolutely everything out there. So what principles that will bring the success the average entrepreneur craves so much? What are the billionaire’s rules of success?

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

It came as quite surprising news when the Wall Street Journal published a story not too long ago about the enormous success of Jessica Alba’s eco-friendly company The Honest Co., but what did the founded in 2012 so successful? Here are a couple of rules.

1.) Marketing

As we’ve been underlining many times when looking at success sstories, marketing is one of the most efficient tools out there. In the given case, Jessica Alba has made a name, or shall we say even a legacy for herself, starring in movies and constantly expanding her fan base. Marketing yourself can be an immensely successful tool, especially in the era of social media. This is a tool largely used by Donald Trump (more golden money-making rules of which you can find by clicking here), Halle Berry and even the very young Romeo Beckham has been a little brand of Burberry‘s brilliant marketing. The catch with this type of marketing is that it almost always guarantees success (if the products are good of course), since you have a strong platform for communicating with fans (aka “customers”, in many cases), thus popularize your products. Moreover, there are not that many rivals since, let’s be honest, the chances of a person becoming a celebrity are pretty measely.


Jessica Alba sure has something to smile about

2.) Geniune interest in what you’re doing

Jessica Alba is a loving mother of two and  is genuinely interested in the products that her children have to use, thus she came out with her own solution of the products as she could not find on the market back then. She has created this company, built on ethical philosophy of creating non-toxic, natural and organic producs for children, which makes it so easy to relate to, since most of us want the best for our kids. Moreover, Alba has cought the “organic” craze, a buzz word that interests a large amount of people in the developed world. The sincere interest to provide a great product seems to be fundamental in the success story of this amazing company founded by the beautiful Jessica Alba.

Honest Co. caters to your children's best interests

Honest Co. caters to your children’s best interests

 3.) Expand, while keeping your high principles and high quality at the same time

This is a billionaire must-do. Like Johnson&Johnson, Honest Co. has a wide range of products, as they sale everything from  parental vitamins to laundry detergents. The company has not launched only one signature product, but quite a diverse line of products, that guarantees the products to be meeting specific standarts of being organic and natural, qualities that are highly sought-after in recent years. Furthermore, it has been reported that the company consideres expanding to more countries, such as England and China, which are one of the most targeted markets due to the high consumer consumption.


Sin título

4.) Being a billionaire is less about money than you think

Of course, a billionaire is a person with more money than you will ever make in your entire life, but surprisingly enough, according to the Business Insider,  billionaires have a different definition. It’s not all about money, it’s about the work you put in. The diference between sucessful and unsuccessful people, according to John Paul DeJoria, is that successful people do all the things unsuccessful people do not want to do. There is an enormous amount of work and long hours to put in into your personal success. It is not a 9-5 working schedule, it is trully a 24/7 365-day-a-year hard work. Success is not the amount of money you have, but how well you do what you have to do to get where you want to get.



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